Thanks for stopping by the official page of Rodeo Photos By Dustin. Here you will be able to SEE AND PURCHASE photos from all the various events I have been to. Most photos are available for every item listed in the purchase list. I can also make collages. Editing time to make those are $45/hr hour and most collages take between 30-60 minutes, depending on detail and editing to be done.

I started shooting photos back in 2007 when my uncle and grandpa asked me to shoot videos of their bulls during rodeos they put on in Coggon, Iowa. I from there started taking frames from the videos and turned them into pictures. From there, a love for rodeo photography was born. I stopped videoing and started strictly doing still shots. My first digital camera was a Nikon D80, and 2 years after using that I upgraded to the D700, which I am still using today. I travel almost anywhere that they are willing to take me with. And I go to various other places in which people hire me to go to.